Inmate Phone Calls

After extensive research in the telecommunication industry, AICS, in conjunction with AxisInternet, Inc., has created new ways to get you the lowest rates possible for inmate calling. You get calls for 6 cents per minutes instead of 23 cents - the typical cost for calling via the BOP. We provide you with local vanity numbers that are attached to any phone number you with to call.

Text Messaging

Text with family and friends without the BOP limits on phone calls or CorrLinks hassles. While we cannot control CorrLinks or the BOP censors and their processing times, we can control our times and we have the fastest delivery times of any our competition! We strive for real-time SMS communications just as out in the free world. Faster than email and since everyone carries their phones with them everywhere, you can now get in contact with them wherever they are!

Picture Messaging

As with SMS text messaging, our NEW picture messaging (MMS) bypasses the hassles and user unfriendliness of the Corrlinks system. No email is involved. All you need to do is take a picture with your phone and send it to your inmate's personal phone number here and it'll be printed out nicely on 4x6 photo paper and then mailed to the inmate's prison's postal address via the USPS.


Customer support here at AICS is very important to us. Our support is second to none - check our testimonials page and see what some of our customers have to say. We strive to provide support that is unrivaled in our industry and from what our customers tell us, we are succeeding!